Brooke Bailey’s Social Sites

1 01 2010

Here at SocialCEO’s we try and give case studies into successful social media optimization. We get a lot of letters in each week and get the opportunity to take a look at some really cool online marketing technique’s like the one on Brooke Bailey’s blog. We found out that she has done a lot of optimization on the site and we like what we see. She is a real estate agent and has targeted a lot of sites to get as much exposure out there as possible and is starting to rank for some pretty competitive keywords and terms.

We noticed that she is not very active with social profiles such as Facebook and Twitter but, that is OK. She has done a great job of building her network on a lot of different social sites such as real estate blogs, forums and other real estate communities. Below are the following things Brooke has done to get her name out.


She has many Real Estate profiles:

Brooke has targeted many social sites such as Linkedin, Deep Pockets, Activerain, Flikr and Merchant Circle to market herself. The best thing that she has done is to stay active and develop friendships and allies on these sites. For example:


  • She has a complete profile
  • Brooke has all of her social links up.
  • She has developed friendships with her co-workers and other online friends.
  • Brooke is active on these sites
The above are all important things. I also like on her blog that she talks about the City of Murrieta. She shows people how nice it is to live in the city and hopefully attracts new people/prospective clients and helps rank in SE’s. A few things that she could do are below:
  • have more dominance with profiles from Facebook and Twitter
  • blog more regularly
  • have a lead capture form on her site.
  • give something for free away on her site in return for signing up or liking her on Facebook
Well, that’s it. Hope you enjoyed this edition of SocialCEO’s. Also, hope Brooke and the readers get a lot from this. Is there anything else you think would be important to use when marketing you real estate company? Let us know in the comments below.